Sihuan Pharmaceutical Group has a diversified portfolio of products which cover the top five medical therapeutic areas in the PRC:  cardio-cerebral vascular system, nervous system, metabolism, anti-infective, and oncology. We currently have over 100 prescription drugs in different formulations and dosages, over 40 of which are cardio-cerebral vascular products.
Commodities: Yeduojia
Generic Name:Compound Trivitamin B For Injection (II)
Indications:• Peripheral nerve injury, polyneuritis, trigeminal neuralgia, and sciatica
• Prevents vomiting caused by isoniazid poisoning, gestation, radiation, and antineoplastic drugs
• pernicious anemia and nutritional anemia; can also be used as nutrition supplements for patients with Vitamin B intake disorders
Mechanisms of action:• Promotes aerobic metabolisms of carbohydrates and provide energy for injured nerves
• Promotes the synthesis of GABA and the metabolism of homocysteinaemia, and improves the microcirculation around peripheral nerves
• Participates in the transition of the methyl group, and maintains the integration of myelin sheath, thereby promoting the recovery of damaged nerves