Sihuan Pharmaceutical Group has a diversified portfolio of products which cover the top five medical therapeutic areas in the PRC:  cardio-cerebral vascular system, nervous system, metabolism, anti-infective, and oncology. We currently have over 100 prescription drugs in different formulations and dosages, over 40 of which are cardio-cerebral vascular products.
Commodities: Oudimei
Generic Name:Cerebroside-kinin Injection
Indications:• Acute and chronic cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebrothrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vasospasm, etc.
• Sequelae of traumatic cerebral injury and cerebrovascular diseases (eg. insufficient cerebral blood supply, stroke, and cerebral hemorrhage)
• Occlusive peripheral vascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, and edema caused by capillary bleeding and increased vascular permeability
Mechanisms of action:• Promotes neural protein synthesis and nucleic acids metabolism, stimulates synapse formation and neuron regeneration
• Enhance the glucose utility and improves metabolism, protects the brain from ischemia.
• Increases cAMP expressed in platelets, and thus inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents thrombosis
• Modifies red blood cell deformability and enhances microcirculation
• Decreases capillary permeability and alleviates edema