Pharmaceutical products
Since establishment, the R&D team successfully developed and brought to market over 30 pharmaceutical products including Kelinao, Anjieli ,Chuanqing,Qu'Ao, Aogan and Renao etc., which attainedleading positions in their respective areas.
R&D projects
Some of our R&D projects, such as Kelinao , L-Phencynonate Hydrochloride, Bilobalide B, Apapenum,Benapenem, Imigliptin, Anaprazole have received national and regional new drugs awards for their innovations, among which L- Phencynonate Hydrochloride and Apapenum were granted "Major Innovative Drug in the 12th Five-Year Plan" and Cinepazide "Important Technical Advancement Award of Innovative Drug in the 12th Five-Year Plan". Moreover, both Benapenem and Imigliptin have been awarded as Major National Science and Technology Projects.
Successful improvement of the safety and efficacy of cinepazide maleate and three patents in relation to the synthesis process, crystal type and production method were granted for these improvements.
Up to now, the two R&D teams have submitted over 600 patent applications including 39 international PCT, over 200 patents were granted.
R&D talent
Two of the Company's key scientists were included in the "One-thousand-talent Scheme" and "Ten-thousand-talent Scheme".