Brief Introduction

We have two leading R&D teams comprisingover 400 staffswho focus on developing innovative patent drugs and first-to-market generic drugs, respectively. Our key research scientists, on average, have over 10 years of new drug development experience from their tenure at multinational pharmaceutical companies. We employ a market-driven approach to selecting research and development targets that have the potential ofgaining widespread market recognition or becoming the best-in-class among similar products. In total we have 100 under various development stages, induding many innovative patented drugs.

In addition, we collaborate with leading research institutions, universities, and hospitals to further broaden our access to proprietary products, and minimize the costs and risks associated with early-stage development. Our investment on R&D has been well above the domestic average and accounted for about 6% to 10% of sales since 2007.

We believe that the development and launch of proprietary products are important to our sustainable growth and future success.