Sales & marketing team

Over 600 in-house sales and product managers majority of them have professional qualifications in medicine and pharmacy work with over 3,000 distributors and their sales forces to rapidly penetrate hospital markets. We closely manage our distributors and their sales forces through: devising marketing strategies, organizing national and provincial conferences, providing sales training programs for distributors, selecting distributors with deep knowledge and understanding of their local markets and the ones with established sales channels to local hospitals and physicians, assigning distributors to hospitals and setting sales targets. Responsible to drug biddings, closely monitoring distributors' performance

Business management

Our distributionnetwork is the culmination of a process of over a decade of searching for,identifying, negotiating with and selecting qualified distributors andthird-party sales representatives in different regions across the country. Oursales model also requires a highly effective internal management system tocontrol and support a distribution network of such large scale. Over the years,we have also developed pricing strategies, which ensure that the profit marginsof our products remain attractive to our distributors. In addition, the marketleading positions of several of our products and our strong product pipelinehelp retain our distributors. In view of this, our distribution network is noteasily replicable.