Quality control

Sihuan Pharmaceutical believes that an effectivequality management system is critical to ensuring the quality of our productsand maintaining our reputation and success. We seek to ensure that our productsconsistently meet the highest industry standards and requirements. 

Production quality control

Each stage of our production process is monitored by personnel from our QA Division to ensure that the production process conforms to our quality standards. Our production operators are required to strictly adhere to standard operating procedures and equipment operation procedures. Our production operators monitor the entire production process and our QA Division personnel inspect the production equipment and process. Any abnormalities discovered are rectified immediately and recorded.

Final product quality control

Every batch of our finished products is subject to a sample inspection by our QC Division personnel prior to dispatch to our distributors. After the inspection, our QC Division personnel issue a report on the finished products and only products that pass the inspection are sent to the warehouse. Our policy is to destroy any batches of finished products that do not meet our quality standards. Our QC Division personnel review the use of materials, production process, production control and batch records. If no defects are detected, a product approval certificate is issued. Our warehouse only releases products upon receipt of both the finished product reports and the product approval certificates.

After sales service

Our QA Department receives feedback from our distributors, hospitals, medical institutions and end customers and handles any complaints with regard to the quality of our products. We treat such feedback and complaints seriously. Upon receipt of a complaint, we conduct investigations and where necessary, interview the party concerned. As of the latest practicable date, we have not received any request for product return due to quality problems by our distributors, but only requests for product returns due to damages caused to the products during transport.