Sihuan production base

Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is located at Tongzhou district in Beijing. It is the major chemical drugs base in Sihuan Group and has six production lines: two for producing small volume liquid for injection, one for producing lyophilized powder for injection and three oral solid medicines production lines including capsules, tablets and granules.

Jilin Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jilin Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has many production lines which is under the national GMP certification. It mainly produces small volume injection and lyophilized powder for injection.

The Langfang Sihuan Gaobo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Langfang Sihuan Gaobo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is co-founded by Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, which mainly operates the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Intermediates.

Changchun Xiangtong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Changchun Xiangtong Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd is equipped with advanced production lines for different formulations such as small volume injection, lyophilized powder, tablets, capsules, granules, ointments, etc.

Benxi Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Benxi Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd mainly produces biotechnology drugs. It has advanced equipment, comprehensive production management system and the corresponding testing methods to ensure product quality.

Jilin Sichang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jilin Sichang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd produces both Chinese and Western medicines. It has production lines for small volume injections, large volume injection, and lyophilized powder for injection. It also has the production lines of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and biochemical extraction.

Sihuan sales company

Hainan Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hainan Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a professional marketing company which mainly sales cardio-cerebral vascular drugs. The company has high cohesion and strong combat effectiveness, carries out the CRM system to meet customer requirements and achieve development effectively.

Shenzhen Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Sihuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is a professional marketing company which is mainly responsible for sales and marketing of clinical drugs. Currently, it sells more than 40 drug types, covering therapeutic areas such as antibiotics, cardio-cerebral vascular, central nervous system, oncology, etc.

Tonghua Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tonghua Jida Pharmaceutical is the Group’s marketing center in Northern China, marketing a variety of products, and aspired to be one of the most competitive marketing companies in the cardio-cerebral vascular area of China.

Sihuan R&D base

Beijing Aohe Drug Research Institute

Beijing Aohe Drug Research Institute focuses on the development of first-to-market generic drugs, in relation to which we have developed intellectual property rights concerning formulation, production process, improved chemical attributes or drug delivery system.

Shandong Xuanzhu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

KBP BioSciences Co., Ltd. is our innovative drug R&D arm which focuses on the discovery and development of new chemical entities as novel therapeutic agents. KBP carefully selects drug development programs to pursue, with the aim of balancing the commercial potential of the drug and the likelihood of successful development of the drug.