• Hainan Sihuan was founded
  • Acquired 28% interest in Beijing Sihuan
  • Launched Kelinao and Chuanqing
  • Granted a 20-year patent for the chemical synthesis process for Cinepazide Maleate (API of Kelinao)
  • Entered into a JV to establish Hainan Sihuan CVD Research
  • Beijing Sihuan became the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company
  • Achieved #1 CCV market share for the first time
  • Sihuan was listed in Singapore on 23 March 2007
  • Acquired 60% interest in KBP BioSciences
  • Launched Aogan
  • Launched Qingtong
  • Delisted from Singapore
  • Morgan Stanley became our shareholder.
  • Listed on the mainboard of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Acquired 100% interests of Dupromise
  • Acquired the 30-year exclusive distribution rights for Alprostadil
  • Key products acquired:
    - Oudimei (Cerebroside-Kinin Injection)
    - Yuanzhijiu (Troxerutin and Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate Injection)
    - Fufangsanwei B Injection (II) (Compound Trivitamin B for Injection (II)
    - Yimaining ( Alprostadil lipid emulsion Injection)
  • Acquired 80% interest of Changchun Xiangtong Pharmaceutical
  • Acquired 100% interests of Vinise Pharmaceutical,Disposed 50% equity interest in Vinise Pharmaceutical to ShandongBuchang Pharmaceutical
  • Key products acquired:
    - GM1 injections and API
    - Breviscapine and Sodium Chloride injections
    - Scutellarin Glucose injections
    - Salviae Miltiorrhizae and Ligustrazine injections
    - Salivae Miltiorrhizae Liguspyragine Hydrochloride and Glucose injections
  •  Collaborated with Swedish company NeuroViveAB to develop two innovative CCV drugs
  •  Aquired remaining 40% equity interest in Xuanzhu Pharma to consolidate R&D resources
  •  Langfang Gaobo Jingband was granted the "High and New Technology Enterprise" status
  •  3 Category 1.1 innovative drugs received Clinical Trial Approval
  •  First-to-market exclusive drug Roxatindine was launched
  •  Langfang Gaobo Jingband received the Establishment Inspection Report (“EIR”) issued by the U.S. FDA.
  •  The Investigational New Drug (“IND”) application of Pirotinib was successfully submitted to the U.S. FDA and the clinical trial approval was granted.
  •  Tylerdipine Hydrochloride (the self-developed innovative antihypertensive drug) received clinical trial approval.
  •  The application for clinical trial approval of Janagliflozin (the self- developed innovative anti-diabetic drug) was accepted by CFDA.
  •  Established cooperation with Chongqing Peg-Bio Biotechnology Co., Ltd for development of Insulin Products.
  •  Acquired 39% interest in Beijing Ruiye Drugs Manufacture Co. Ltd. (“Beijing Ruiye”) to enrich and expand the Group’s product resources.
  •  Phase I clinical trials of innovative patented drug Pirotinib have beenconducted smoothly in the U.S.; full approval of Phase I/II/III clinical trials was also granted from CFDA
  •  Phase I clinical trials of Category 1.1 innovative drug Imigliptin Dihydrochloride have beencompleted, and applications for Phase II and Phase III clinical trialswere submitted and approved.
  •  The IND applications of category 1.1 innovative drugs Sirotinib and Fadanafil werefiledand accepted by CFDA
  •  Entered into a research collaboration agreement with Japan’s RaQualia Pharma Inc. in novel analgesic drugs and ion channel technology development
  •  Innovative patent drug ImigliptinDihydrochlorideobtained approval for Phase II/III clinical trials granted by the CFDA, and entered phase II clinical trials
  •  Innovative patent drugs Janagliflozin, Fadanafil, and Sirotinibwere granted approvals for Phase I/II/III clinical trials by the CFDA