• Hainan Sihuan was founded
  • Acquired 28% interest in Beijing Sihuan
  • Launched Kelinao and Chuanqing
  • Granted a 20-year patent for the chemical synthesis process for Cinepazide Maleate (API of Kelinao)
  • Entered into a JV to establish Hainan Sihuan CVD Research
  • Beijing Sihuan became the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company
  • Achieved #1 CCV market share for the first time
  • Sihuan was listed in Singapore on 23 March 2007
  • Acquired 60% interest in KBP BioSciences
  • Launched Aogan
  • Launched Qingtong
  • Delisted from Singapore
  • Morgan Stanley became our shareholder.
  • Listed on the mainboard of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Acquired 100% interests of Dupromise
  • Acquired the 30-year exclusive distribution rights for Alprostadil
  • Key products acquired:
    - Oudimei (Cerebroside-Kinin Injection)
    - Yuanzhijiu (Troxerutin and Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate Injection)
    - Fufangsanwei B Injection (II) (Compound Trivitamin B for Injection (II)
    - Yimaining ( Alprostadil lipid emulsion Injection)
  • Acquired 80% interest of Changchun Xiangtong Pharmaceutical
  • Acquired 100% interests of Vinise Pharmaceutical,Disposed 50% equity interest in Vinise Pharmaceutical to ShandongBuchang Pharmaceutical
  • Key products acquired:
    - GM1 injections and API
    - Breviscapine and Sodium Chloride injections
    - Scutellarin Glucose injections
    - Salviae Miltiorrhizae and Ligustrazine injections
    - Salivae Miltiorrhizae Liguspyragine Hydrochloride and Glucose injections
  •  Collaborated with Swedish company NeuroViveAB to develop two innovative CCV drugs
  •  Aquired remaining 40% equity interest in Xuanzhu Pharma to consolidate R&D resources
  •  Langfang Gaobo Jingband was granted the "High and New Technology Enterprise" status
  •  3 Category 1.1 innovative drugs received Clinical Trial Approval
  •  First-to-market exclusive drug Roxatindine was launched
  •  Langfang Gaobo Jingband received the Establishment Inspection Report (“EIR”) issued by the U.S. FDA.
  •  The Investigational New Drug (“IND”) application of Pirotinib was successfully submitted to the U.S. FDA and the clinical trial approval was granted.
  •  Tylerdipine Hydrochloride (the self-developed innovative antihypertensive drug) received clinical trial approval.
  •  The application for clinical trial approval of Janagliflozin (the self- developed innovative anti-diabetic drug) was accepted by CFDA.
  •  Established cooperation with Chongqing Peg-Bio Biotechnology Co., Ltd for development of Insulin Products.
  •  Acquired 39% interest in Beijing Ruiye Drugs Manufacture Co. Ltd. (“Beijing Ruiye”) to enrich and expand the Group’s product resources.
  •  Shandong Xuanzhu and Covance Inc. (“Covance”) signed a long-term partnership to support the global development of Sihuan Pharmaceutical’s drug candidate pipeline consisting of multiple compounds.
  •  The Phase I clinical trial of Pirotinib, the first self-developed innovative patented oncology drug commenced in the United States. CFDA has granted full approval of Phase I/II/III clinical trials of Pirotinib.
  •  The Investigational New Drug applications for clinical trial approval for two innovative patented drugs, Sirotinib (antoher encology drug) and Fadanat (clinically to treat BPH, ED), were officially accepted by the CFDA.
  •  Shandong Xuanzhu and RaQualia Pharma Inc. (“RaQualia”), entered into a research collaboration agreement in Novel analgesic drugs development and ionchannel technology.