Sihuan Company Profile

Founded in 2001, Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. has achieved sound development in the past years and has grown into the leading pharmaceutical company in China’s prescription drug market. The Group has been the largest cardio-cerebral vascular drug franchise in China’s prescription drug market since 2007. The success of the Group can be attributed to its unique and proven sales & marketing model, extensive nationwide distribution network, diversified portfolio of market-leading drugs, and strong research & development capabilities.

Diversified Product Portfolio

The company’s current product portfolio is mainly dominated by exclusive and proprietary products which encompass the top five medical therapeutic areas in China: cardio-cerebral vascular system, central nervous system, metabolism, oncology and anti-infectives. Our major products such as Kelinao, Anjieli, Chuanqing, Qu’Ao GM1 and Oudimei are very widely used in the treatment of various cardio-cerebral vascular diseases.

Unique and proven sales and market model

Our successful sales and marketing model is unique and is underpinned by an extensive network of over 3,000 distributors covering close to 10,000 hospitals and medical institutions across China. Managed and supported by our in-house dedicated sales and product managers, who ensure the efficiency, productivity and stability of our distribution network, our unique sales model has proven to be highly successful and cost-efficient resulting in rapid and deep market penetration.

Strong research and development

Over 140 projects under development, including 22 innovative patent drugs and 119 generic drugs.The innovative drug R&D platform has submitted applications for over 600 domestic patents, 39 PCT international patents, 1 Paris Convention patent (consisting of six countries) and 2 U.S. patents submitted individually. To date, the Group has been granted 158 domestic patents and 52 overseas patents. In 2017, the Group received 5 national, provincial and municipal R&D awards for its innovative drug R&D.

Development strategy

Taking advantage of China's growing economy and ongoing healthcare reforms, we will actively seek to secure long-term growth opportunities for the Company by taking steps to expand our marketing and distribution network, enhance research and development capabilities, and optimize production capacity. We will also continually expand and enhance our portfolio of products by making use of our proven multiple channel strategy that includes acquisition and cooperation with overseas pharmaceutical companies.


Our mission is to be an international leader with fully integrated capabilities in R&D, production and sales and marketing. We will continue to be dedicated to the development and marketing of cardio-cerebral vascular drugs and to provide the best pharmaceutical products to patients.