Sihuan Seeks Partnership in Taiwan

Sihuan COO , Jia Zhongxin began her tour of Taiwan on 7 June accompanied with Director of International Business, where they visited six companies including TLC, Lotus Pharmaceutical, TWI, Genovate Biltechnology, ScinoPharm and Nan Kuang ...

Sihuan Seeks Partnership in Taiwan
【National Health and Family Planning Commission: cancel the restriction of private investment in medical sector】

Recently, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued《Medical Institutions Guidelines (2016-2020) 》, which to guide the management of organizational setup for medical institutions during “13th Five-Year Plan” period.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission define the medical quality of cardiovascular and other major disease

The National Health and Family Planning Commission issued on July 22. asked the medical institutions to regard pathology, inspection, medical screenage, infection and medical record as emphasis. Fir...

Thirteen Five biomedical plan finalized

The ministry announced news through their official website on July 1st: according to the organization of work, will release after seeking the views of department. According to the plan, in the period...

NPC Standing Committee Review:InitiateLegislation Pilot for Drug Marketing Authorization Holders

On October 31, the 17thmeeting of the twelfth sessionof the National People\'s Congress grouping reviewed the \"guidance regardingthe decision of authorization the state council carry out drug mark...

Zhejiang Province Initiates Hospital Compensation Ties to Performance in Primary Hospital

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and the Health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued \"guidance regarding the development of primary health care institutions compen...

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